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Who am I? Coastal Activity: Prince Rupert Common Critters Edition

How many North Coast critters can you identify? See if you can determine the critters below based on the pictures and descriptions! Hover over the image for the correct answer.

California cucumber EH.jpeg

Sea Cucumber

I am a cucumber shaped creature with red-brown to yellowish leather skin. My tentacle-like tube feet help me to move about and feed. I like to hangout on the ocean floor, catch me moving about the intertidal zone looking for a snack! Do you know who I am?

green urchins20200810se.jpg

Sea Urchin

I am a common creature on the North Coast. Be careful not to touch me, my spine may poke you! Divers tend to find me hanging out in the intertidal and subtidal zone, living in rocky or gravel areas where I am most comfortable. Do you know who I am?



I may be slow, but I have developed a number of adaptations to survive. For instance, if a predator has grabbed my 

arm I can simply lose it and grow another one later after I have escaped! Do you know who I am?



I am commonly found in the intertidal and subtidal zone, where I have many predators. For this reason, I am grateful to have claws that help me defend myself, as well as catch and eat my own prey! Do you know who I am?

Sea lemon nudi.jpg


I am a fascinating species to scientists! 

I am both male and female, I use 

scent receptors to find my food, 

and I move very slowly along the ocean floor.

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