Marine resources

CaNOE (Canadian Network for Oceans Education)

An up-to-date online curated educational resources library for learning about the ocean: 

DFO: Stream to Sea Program

Offers a variety of beginner to advanced activities and lessons that can be downloaded (in French and English) to help students learn to become aquatic stewards:

Ocean Networks Canada

Provides continuous live ocean video feeds and a diverse selection of ocean science course offerings. Includes something for everyone, such as crafts and activities co-created with Girl Guides Canada:

Ocean School

Canadian online program to learn more about the ocean. Interactive activities and lessons (with weekly themes) offered (in English and French):

Ocean Wise: Ocean Action

Self-paced online program using special pre-recorded videos and an online classroom to teach about ocean stewardship by inspiring curiosity. Includes weekly expert videos, an online specialist to connect to for live Q&A’s, and a network for students across the province, Ocean Wise experts, and Return It leaders to connect:

Pacific Wild: Marine Protection Education Hub

An informative hub for learning about marine life, Indigenous Nations, conservation issues, and marine protection along the coast of BC:

SeaDoc Society: Junior Sea Doctors

An interactive website to explore the Salish Sea, with marine curriculum and educational resources for kids (including a Salish Sea Heroes section showcasing educational and inspiring stewardship action videos and 2 Tedx videos composed by students from BC):

Whales in our Waters:

Free BC marine mammal ID online course for mariners to recognize local whales. Includes suggested navigation strategies when encountering whales along the Pacific Northwest Coast:


The North Coast Ecology Centre Society aims to create a permanent education centre in Prince Rupert that highlights the region’s ecological richness.

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