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NCEC Vision:

Redesign Rupert 2030, a community wide initiative launched in 2019, highlighted the desire of residents to gain access to the waterfront and we believe our project will be entirely complementary to this goal.  As part mini aquarium, our location on the waterfront is vital and through creating a new public space, and ideally using existing infrastructure, we will be contributing directly to access. The NCEC will facilitate a connection to the water by showcasing and educating about marine species that many residents have never had the chance to view or experience within Prince Rupert's landscape.

Engaging, knowledgeable staff interpreters and volunteers will inform and inspire visitors about the North Coast. Live animal aquariums, static displays,articulated skeletons, video displays, activity stations and programming space will occupy approximately 1000 sq ft in our pilot centre.

 The North Coast Ecology Centre Society is working to create a permanent education centre in Prince Rupert, BC that highlights the region’s ecological richness. With a combination of engaging programs and beautiful exhibits,

including live displays of fish and marine invertebrates (collected and released each season!), we hope to build a great addition to the city.

Unique among other mini aquariums and ecology centres in British Columbia, the North Coast Ecology Centre will feature both terrestrial and marine exhibits, as we know that along the North Coast these two environments are inextricably linked. Currently, no ecological interpretive centre or aquarium of any type exists in the entire Northern region.

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