Whale Fest 2019

On May 6-12, 2019 over 2300 people participated in Whale Fest activities.

During Whale Fest 2019, we were able to engage the communities of the North Coast in learning about the whales that call our water and the surrounding marine environment, home.

The three pillars of the festival were: Educate, Elevate and Explore. Using this as guidance, we were able to provide a week of exciting, interactive activities for a diverse audience.


  1. “Build-a-whale” program allowed students to articulate a real killer whale skeleton while learning about their life history and their physiology.

  2. An art contest with the theme of “What makes a Healthy Ocean?”. Submissions were displayed at the Saturday festival event

  3. The #whalesofrupert scavenger hunt ran throughout the week and brought families and friends together to explore the whale icons in the community with the chance of winning whale watching tickets as the grand prize.

  4. Dr. Ben Hendricks presented a fascinating and entertaining talk on “Sonic Superpowers: Listening into the World of Whales in the Great Bear Fjord System".

  5. A free family-friendly documentary “Humpback Whales” at the local movie theatre on Mother’s Day.


The resounding feedback received through the success of these events is that there is a considerable appetite for nature education on the North Coast.

Click here to see some great photos from this event!


The North Coast Ecology Centre Society aims to create a permanent education centre in Prince Rupert that highlights the region’s ecological richness.

Website photos by Megan Baker, Brandon Broderick, Caitlin Birdsall.

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