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NCECS 2020 Sustainable Christmas Guide

Updated: Dec 23, 2020

Why not make Christmas as enjoyable and sustainable as possible? To do so, we’ve created a Sustainable Christmas guide to give you some ideas to have an eco-friendly holiday and to have fun while doing it! Swipe through and check out the links below!

Looking for specific ideas? Check out these links for examples of holiday activities and decorations:

Christmas Baking Ideas:

-30+ Healthier Versions of Your Favourite Christmas Cookies:

Homemade Ornament Ideas:

-18 Beautiful Natural Christmas Tree Ornaments to Make:

Recycled Wrapping Ideas:

Natural Decorations:

-12 Beautiful Natural Christmas Decorations:

-12 Natural and Zero-Waste Christmas Décor Ideas:

Sustainable Christmas Gift Ideas:

-Sustainable Christmas -10 Ideas for Ecological and Ethical Gifts:

Learn about the Environment for Christmas:

-Visit our educational resources bank on our website:

-Go on a family nature hike, decorate a tree for the birds, participate in a nature restoration activity to offset your environment impacts over the holidays (more info at

Eco-Friendly Lighting Ideas:

-4 Easy Options for Eco-Friendly Christmas Lights This Year:


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