NCECS & Triton Live Dive Collaboration

The NCECS Team is pleased to announce a collaboration with Triton Environmental Consultants Ltd.. This partnership is driven by shared community values and environmental education objectives. Together, we hope to foster aquatic stewardship, beginning with educating students at a young age about local marine ecosystems.

In December 2020, Triton reached out to us regarding their environmental consulting and work on the connector road project at Ridley Island. Part of this project includes relocating a variety of maine species from the impacted area to new reefs using scuba divers. Throughout this process, the divers have two-way communication and cameras capable of broadcasting footage.

Working with Triton, we will be making use of this technology and dive time to create an educational resource for Prince Rupert students. The outcome of this collaboration will be a complete classroom program that includes a prepared pre-lesson, live-streamed dive, and post-dive reflection activity for kids to learn about the local underwater ecosystems and species, all from within the classroom. Given the current COVID-19 environment, this program will be entirely virtual and kids will be able to communicate with the divers via a remote streaming and communications operator.

We will be piloting this live dive program with a select few grade four and five classes in the Prince Rupert area before we seek to expand the program. For more information or to inquire to be involved contact us via email and follow along our website, facebook page, and instagram account for updates.



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