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How to Use Our Educational Resources Page

Updated: Dec 10, 2020

As a society aiming to open an ecology centre, one of our main goals is to provide education! As a means to work towards this goal without a physical centre and in times of social isolation due to COVID-19, we are working to provide a bank of educational resources for learning about the North Coast. Currently, there are 8 broad categories of resources that we are constantly adding to on our website. You can find these resources under our Educational Resources tab!

To learn about each category, the types of resources we have gathered, and how to use our educational resources bank continue reading...

Marine Teaching Resources:

This section of educational resources is meant primarily for teachers, however, there are also useful sources you can use as a parent or caregiver to teach kids of all school ages about the ocean. This includes marine species, marine ecosystems, and how to be an aquatic steward.

Terrestrial Teaching Resources:

This section is similar to our marine teaching resources section, however, with a focus on terrestrial ecosystems. It includes a variety of digital resources for creatively teaching about the environment and the types of species that live on land. It also provides resources for teaching outside and about sustainability.

Freshwater Teaching Resources:

This section is focused on our waterways in BC, the species that inhabit them, and why they are important. This section has many great resources about salmon, amphibians, and ways you can teach kids to value and preserve BC's waterways.

At-Home Educational Resources:

This section was largely created as a response to the COVID-19 pandemic. With kids spending more time at home, this is a great set of resources for keeping them busy and learning about the ecology of the North Coast. This includes more in-depth learning programs, as well as simple online activities and colouring pages.

Recommended Guide Books:

This section is filled with a number of books and catalogues we recommend for either reading at home or taking out in the field to learn about North Coast ecosystems. These are books that go into depth about the flora and fauna of BC and are great for identification. This section also includes resources, such as the Sm'algyax Living Legacy Talking Dictionary, for learning about Indigenous ways of pronouncing local species and other ecological terms.

Educational Stories and Articles:

This section is a mix of articles and stories that we have come across throughout our research. They all contain interesting and factual information about the ecology of the North Coast. These stories and articles include topics such as relevant research, Indigenous culture, and conservation.

Citizen Science Apps:

This section contains apps that are useful for having on your phone when exploring on the North Coast. These are apps that not only help you to learn, but allow you to contribute to research and conservation. Use them to collect your own data and to share data with scientists and conservationists seeking information on local species.

Local Learning and Recreation:

This is the newest section of educational resources added to our website. This section includes a list of local outdoor activities and businesses in Prince Rupert that are beneficial for exploring the area and learning about the flora, fauna, and culture.

We are constantly adding to our educational resources bank and look forward to sharing more great sources with you!


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