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Picturing an Aquatic Ecosystem

Hover of the yellow circles to learn more about the ecosystem! Can you answer the discussion questions?

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Intertidal Zone

An intertidal zone is above water level at low tide and below at high tide. This zone is a prominent area where aquatic and land organisms interact. How might they interact?


The rise and fall of the sea level caused by the Earth, Sun, and Moon. How might living and non-living things be affected by the different  sea levels?

Ridley Island

An industrial area near Prince Rupert, where construction is occurring. Why might a fish salvage be important here?


This picture is an example of an ecosystem (a community of living and non-living things). Who might live in this ecosystem? Why?



A habitat is the natural home of an organism. Who might be hiding in this habitat? Why might they live here?

Coastal Invertebrates

Marine organisms that lack a backbone. What might be some of the advantages of having no backbone and living in an aquatic environment?


Starfish are slow but mighty predators, attaching to their prey and sticking their stomachs out through their mouths to eat. They also usually have five arms, which they can regrow if lost. How might these features help them survive?

Aquatic Oxygen Producers

 Over half of the world's oxygen is estimated to come from aquatic seaweed, plankton, and other drifting plants. Take 3 breaths and think of what from the ocean could be providing you with that oxygen.


Ocean Floor Adaptation

Species living on the ocean floor have a variety of features that help them survive. What conditions might they have to adapt to?

Human Impacts

The actions of humans impact the ocean, including the ocean floor. Can you think of some ways humans impact this type of ecosystem? What could be done to stop these impacts?

Ocean Floor

The ocean floor, also known as the seabed, is an aquatic ecosystem. Can you guess who might live here?

Aquatic Species Interactions

A number of species make up an aquatic ecosystem. How might these species help each other survive?

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