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In partnership with The North Coast Innovation Lab & Ecotrust Canada:

"Creating new forms of collaboration, capacity and partnership for initiatives in Prince Rupert so the community can strengthen its social and economic resilience and wellbeing."


This year the North Coast Ecology Centre Society acquired an Ecology Centre Development Coordinator, who lived and worked in Prince Rupert from January to September 2020. 

Jasmeen is from London, England and has lived in the Greater Toronto Area since 2009. During this time, Jasmeen was working towards completing a Masters in Geography, Environment and Geomatics at the University of Guelph, ON. She also hold a BSc in Wildlife biology and Conservation. Her research project with Dr. Jennifer Silver involves addressing undefined fisheries access for small-scale communities in BC through analysis of landing patterns for commercial pacific salmon fisheries. Jasmeen's interests include environmental research and sustainability, entrepreneurship, and exploration of environmental law and policy. After the completion of her master’s degree, Jasmeen plans to attend law school, at home in the UK, to further pursue her interests in environmental law and policy. Outside of academia, Jasmeen enjoys being active, she likes yoga and hiking and exploring the outdoors during her time on the North West Coast. 


Jasmeen helped work towards actualizing the ecology centre. She worked closely with the NCECS board of directors and consultants to plan and execute our 2020 season. She 

worked to help identify and obtain financial, human and material resources for the 

ecology centre. 


Additionally, she engaged with stakeholders, partners and community members to collaborate on different perspectives. Jasmeen also explored best practices in design, education and animal care for small centres.

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